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Summary of Letters relating to Captain Charles A. Phillips

Commander of the Fifth Massachusetts Battery

The letters are part of a collection in the Stephen Phillips Memorial Trust House, a local museum in Salem, Ma, the home of Captain Phillips' brother.


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CAP_Jul_12_1862             Charles to Stephen       Harrison’s Landing


            Speaks of the battery being dissolved.   Capt. Allen unpopular with HQ

            Resignation of Hyde and Dilligham. 5th Battery  being folded into the 3rd Mass.

            PS  “ I can’t help thinking this is the last of the 5th


CAP_Jul_18_1862             Charles to Stephen       Harrison’s Landing


            Hyde and Dillingham left yesterday. Description of how life is under Martin.


CAP_Jul_26_1862             Charles to Rodman       Harrison’s Landing


            Refutation on rumors that Scott showed cowardice on June 27 – Gaines Mills.

            Description of Battle.


Cap_Aug_4_1862               Charles to Gov. Andrew           Harrison’s Landing


            Asking the Gov. to commission Lull and not Terry


CAP_Aug_4_1862_2           Charles to Stephen       Harrison’s Landing


            A plea to his brother to oust the commissioning of Terry and to ensure Lull is commissioned.


CAP_Aug_5_1862               Charles to Stephen       Harrison’s Landing


            Received back pay of four months, sends money home to pay off note. Brief state

of affairs paragraph.


CAP_May_21_1863             Charles to Stephen       Falmouth, VA


            Routine of camp, doing some reorganization, send stamps


CAP_Apr_12_1865               Charles to Stephen       City Point


             Reference to Howard Shilling


SHP_July_14_1862              Stephen to Some one from New Bedford 


            Confidential – speaks of the charge of cowardice to H & D


Shp_7_18_62              Stephen to Rodman 


            Talks of H & D resigning, state of affairs w/ Battery, Capt Allen sick,


Shp_7_21_62              Stephen to Rodman                 


            More on the State of affairs of the Battery


Shp_7_23_62              Stephen to Rodman


            A note from Capt. Allen about H & D resignations


Shp_7_28_62              Stephen to Rodman                 


            More on Chas being promoted and re recruiting the battery


Shp_8_13_62              Stephen to Rodman


            The H & D Controversy & Try to find an Art’y Capt. to break Chas in


Salem Gazette articles relating to the passing of Captain Phillips:


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Ceremony dedicating new headstone for Captain Phillips in Salem, MA in 2004.