Hdqr  5th Mass Battery

                                                                                                City Point  April 12, 1865



Dear Sir:


                                    Yours of the 8th  inst  rec’d.  Howard A. Skilling is now

present for duty with this Battery and is troubled with nothing

[ unless ] it may be a dislike for writing, letters common to

many soldiers.



I am very Resp’y 

            Your ob’t serv’t


                        Charles A Phillips   Capt & Brgd Major

                        Comd’y  5th Mass Battery







On Envelope:



Phillips, Charles A                                                                    17

City Point VA                                                                           15

            April 12 / 65                                                                 85                   

                                                                                              17 __  

                                                                                       18 | 255

Stamp -            April 17,  1865                                     21

                        Washington DC

                        [ Maco ]  State Agency

                        Gardiner Tufts  Agent


Instructions – author unknown:    Write to the father of young Skilling

                                                      ( you will find his address in the letter

                                                       bundle ) and give to him the inform-

                                                       ation contained in captain Phillips’


From the collection at the  Steven Phillips Trust House, Salem, MA