Harrisonís Landing

                                                                                  July 18th, 1862



Dear Stephen,


Hyde and Dillingham left yesterday having taken a terrible time to turn over what little property was left to the Battery. Their resignation took effect on the 12th. Scott & I and the men, except 2nd  [[detachment]] assigned to Weeden moved over to Capt. Martinís camp last Sunday and at present remain in status quo. We act as officers under Martin, taking our turns as officers of the day &c. and the men are incorporated with his battery.  Nominally, the 5th Mass Battery still exists, having its officers and non-commissioned officers & itís our muster and our payroll, but it is a very slender existence. I cannot sign a requisition or act in any official capacity as commander & have nothing to do with the men.

            Otherwise we get along pretty comfortably, Martin and his officers are pretty good fellows, and we have a pleasant mess, but of course, this dubious state of affairs is rather fretting.



                                                                        [ C.A.P.]


From the collection at the  Steven Phillips Trust House, Salem, MA