Camp near Harrisonís Landing

                                                                                    Aug. 5th,  1862

 Dear Stephen,

                         The Paymaster has been round and payed us off for four months from March to June incl., by allotment of  $90 per month, will probably arrive in Salem in the course of a week or ten days.  In addition, I have forwarded by Adamsís Express, one hundred dollars ($100.00) so that the balance due on my note will be considerably reduced. Please acknowledge the receipt of the above amounts. I am a great deal stronger than when I last wrote & in fact call myself entirely well. I hope Lull will get his commission about which I have written several letters to you. Capt. Martin has written a letter to the Governor recommending him.

             I suppose I shall have to work quick when Capt. Allen resigns & I will try to be on hand.  Lull Senior 2nd & Blake Junior 2nd would be the best arrangement but this is not a matter of very great importance. I have not yet received official notification of the issue of the commission.

                                                                         Yours Affy.

                                                                        Charles A Phillips

From the collection at the  Steven Phillips Trust House, Salem, MA