Camp near Falmouth [[VA]]

                                                                                                May 21st, 1863


Dear Stephen,


                        Will you please send my pants & vest by express direction to William F Nye, Washington. Send the receipt by mail to the same address stating that it is a package for me. There is no news round here. We have commenced the inevitable series of reviews that must come off before we advance again, and the next month will probably be devoted to reorganizing, given a chance for a grand display of administrative ability. Capt. Taft of the 5th N.Y. Battery says it is now a regular routine, so many reviews, so many inspections and a thrashing.


            I met yesterday a Capt. Huntington of an Ohio Battery, nephew of  Mr.Asahel H. of Salem. Has my allotment reached you yet? Please send me $3 worth of postage stamps as I am all out.


                        Yours Affy.

                        Charles A. Phillips

From the collection at the  Steven Phillips Trust House, Salem, MA