Camp near Harrison’s Landing

                                                                                                Aug. 4th,  1862


Hon. John A. Andrew,



On the first of the month I sent you a short note recommending for promotion in the 5th Battery. 1st Sergeant F. A. Lull and Sergeant P. W. Blake. I have just learned that Lieut. Scott and I have been promoted 1st Lieutenants and Sergeant Blake promotion to be Senior 2nd Lieut. I am much afraid that owing to my neglect in not sending in the name of Serg. Lull until the last minute, his claims may be overlooked and the vacant commission given to another.

            Sergeant Lull has served faithfully in his present capacity and as shown himself well fitted for promotion. Standing the highest in rank of the non-commissioned officers, he would feel himself neglected if unjustly treated by the promotion of another over his head, and I should never forgive myself if he should be overlooked owing to my neglect.           I Consider him better fitted than any other non-commissioned officer in the Battery for a commission & I think that the Battery would be benefited by his promotion. Our Quartermaster Sergeant T. M. Terry has my hearty recommendation for the promotion of Quartermaster for which I consider him well fitted, but I do not consider him by any means equal to Serg. Lull in ability or capacity for holding a commission in a Light Battery.

            If the vacant commission has been given to him, let me entreat you, if it is not too late, to reconsider your decision. I feel very deeply on this subject and I do not wish that owing to any neglect of mine, you should overlook the claims of a man who has filled his present position with ability and fidelity, and has justly earned a right to promotion.


Very Respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

Charles A Phillips

Lieut. 5th Mass. Battery


From the collection at the  Steven Phillips Trust House, Salem, MA